Real-time weather and disaster alerting using a visual asset management command center.

Bulk upload, aggregate, share and quickly access all critical data during a crisis to mobilize resources effectively and efficiently. Minimize and mitigate workstopages, costly repairs, fines and operational expenses.

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live maps

Interactive live data linked directly to your locations on the ground.

Aggregate and tag multi-media data to any location; photos, 360° panos, live cams, social networks and live feeds. Easily collaborate with users.


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Optimized routes for 300+ stops.

Save gas and time, track inspectors and vendors live in the field, and receive real-time traffic and weather alerting.


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Environmental Risk Management

Complete facilities and environmental risk management through one visual command center.

Cut time and costs managing environmental liabilities and meeting regulatory obligations while demonstrating sustainable business practices.

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We build industry-leading products on our patented geospatial platform called WorldEngine™. Our technology enables individuals to create visually and emotionally engaging virtual earth experiences in addition to scalable data visualization and visual asset management applications for corporations and governments worldwide. Our V-Alert tool is one such example, a geospatial data management and both live weather and disaster alerting system.

It is designed to:

  • Ensure employee and public safety by having the fastest, most up-to-date information
  • Minimize or mitigate work stoppages and stay ahead of expensive repairs and insurance claims by tracking any potential damage
  • Get everyone on the same page by sharing data with insurance carriers and inspectors
  • Collaborate with site managers, vendors and clients visually and in real time
  • Mobilize resources efficiently: save on fuel, HR and other expenses
  • Task contractors quickly and easily
  • Increase work orders with visual real time data
  • Save time and money on unnecessary inspector and contractor trips
  • Keep your operations team and clients informed, helping them be prepared for any disaster

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