Available as an add on module to V-Alert Customized for your organization

Earthvisionz can integrate environmental risk alerting, as an add on application to V-Alert, giving you a full facilities and environmental risk management system through one visual portal.


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Earthvisionz has developed an Environmental Compliance Data Management System (ECDMS) for Level 3 Communications that vastly reduces the time spent managing environmental liabilities and meeting regulatory obligations. In addition to improving resource utilization, the environmental risk management system also minimizes environmental liability and risk potential, and enables the demonstration of sustainable business practices.

Key aspects of the environmental risk management application:

  • Full integration with existing systems.
  • Creation of 2500 site profiles containing dynamic data from many sources.
  • Auto verification function that compares current site and asset data against all applicable regulations.
  • Auto alert generation whenever an asset change crosses a regulatory threshold, whenever deadlines are approaching or past, or whenever applicable regulations change.
  • Asset data visualized on Google Maps.
  • System designed for field facing mobile portals and international expansion.

ECDMS is an enterprise scale custom application, providing innovative solutions within the exacting requirements of existing asset management systems. We have worked closely with Level 3 to ensure the ECDMS is a robust, self-supportable and sustainable environmental risk management application.