Realestate & Portfolio Management

  • Office buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, retail chains
  • Manage vendor and contractor network
  • Territory management
  • Collaborate with responders
  • Be prepared, keep guests and customers safe

Telecom Networks & Data Centers

  • Upload cable networks to the map command center
  • Attach unlimited data to any point on the network
  • Make cable maintenance and recovery fast, precise and accurate: upload boxes, splice points, lease and ownership data, manufacturers specs and more
  • Integrate remote sensing data on tanks batteries and cables
  • Integrate regulatory data to avoid EPA fines

Utilities, Oil + Gas Wells & Pipelines

  • Integrate and pick up live remote sensing gauges to track well output
  • Map all points on pipelines for repairs & maintenance
  • Be equipped to avoid spills and respond quickly
  • Know instantly in the event of flood damage, if wells are underwater and more

Easy to Use Command Center

  • Integrate big data and company software into one command center
  • Subcontractor locator for fleet management in real time
  • GPS integration with route optimization tool
  • Designed to function on all devices at the office and in the field
  • Multi-lingul capabilities for all users
  • Users see only the assets and alerts relevant to them

Integrate big data and corporate software through one visual portal and aggregate multiple SAS licenses in one place for unparalleled Facilities Management.


We have saved on countless staff hours, insurance claims, EPA fines, and restored our networks to full operation in less than half the time using V-Alert over our old in-house process.

~  M. Fox, Sr. Director Level 3 Communications


I used to spend weeks looking for and gathering all the site data I needed before I could start doing the engineering work.  With V-Alert it’s all organized in one place. And with the weather alerts and live cams I can respond to multiple facilities at once.  I get right to work doing the job I am paid to do.

~  R. Zigetti, Senior Eng. LVI


Manage assets, not disasters.


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