visual underwriting tool

  • Visually confirm if repairs were completed on paid roof claims from house renewal inspections
  • Identify and see the agent for each risk
  • Identify regions with opportunities for new business
  • View new vs. renewal business at a glance
  • Correlate risks up for renewal with local weather events, flagging them for inspection
  • Flag risks which have had a property claim for possible inspection at renewal
  • See all insurable locations for an insured at a glance
  • Map all insured assets, color coded by type
  • Upload and link underwriting data to each asses, such as building sqft, roof type, building age, outer buildings, photos and videos
  • Capacity heat maps overlaid
  • Risk concentration maps to show the dispersion and type at a glance, including:
    • Fire, flood, tornado, CAT, earthquakes, landslide/slope stability, environmental contamination and crime

visual claims tool

  • Visually identify potential exposure from a weather event: see the path of the event, exposures in that path, and likely damage
  • Secure estimates for CATs with real-time data for potential exposures
  • Visually validate types of claims presented associated with a CAT via 360 panos, satellite, live feeds and streetviews
  • Pre-emptively prepare claims for anticipated exposure in the CAT path for “just in time training” if needed
  • Fraud prevention with all policy holder assets visible
  • Fraud prevention by reviewing submitted claims against path of the CAT to evaluate validity
  • Track CATs for purposes of reinsurance reporting
  • Use of global imagery to evaluate hail claims through real-time viewing of neighboring local
  • Proactively contact customers with advice in the event of disasters such as wide-spread wildfires
  • Improve and simplify collecting post CAT information for state data calls
  • Notice of potential CATs for advanced coordination with independent adjusters in affected areas

V-Alert’s visual claims and underwriting tools reduce the risk of fraud and identify business growth opportunities with it’s visual validation system.



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