Our Mission

Risk awareness and dynamic location intelligence solutions that enable companies to make critical decisions faster. Our mission: make your world safer and more predictable, so you can protect the people and things you care about—when it matters most.

About Earthvisionz

Earthvisionz pioneered the capability to provide unlimited data, including live feeds, overlaid onto specific geographic locations, resulting in significantly increased work flow efficiency and productivity, decreased costs, and the ability for our customers to make timely and better informed business decisions. We developed a robust set of Visual Asset Management and Decision Support products for Property Management and Property Preservation, Real Estate, Insurance, Banking, Transportation, Sports, and Communications industries where assets are widely dispersed and up-to-the-minute data on those assets, by specific location, is critical for information sharing and decision making.

Our History

Earthvisionz was born as Waterstone Environmental Engineering built one of the world’s first virtual Earth content management systems for the U.S. Air Force, then spun out as its own startup in recognition of great demand for such a capability. Waterstone’s goal was to provide creative business solutions in environmental consulting (Hydrology, Human and Ecological Risk Assessment and GIS) as well as geospatial consulting services. With patented technology, Earthvisionz has commercialized the USAF base management system to deliver powerful interactive live maps.

Our Team

We are powered by a passionate team of engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs.

Carla Johnson

CEO, Co-Founder

Carla brings years of experience in 3D geospatial modeling and focuses on expanding the technology, market strategy, and business development.

Jeff Schott

President, Co-Founder

Jeff brings 25 years of media and advertising experience and is involved in all management operations as well as product development and public relations.

Craig Hoff

Chief Technology Officer

With over 20 years in the IT field, Craig has been instrumental in the architecture, and development efforts of the geospatial data management system

Quentin Finney

Chief Revenue Officer

Quentin is a former 14-year U.S. Marine officer and has served in the tech sector since 1999, holding various consulting, sales, and leadership roles.

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2560 55th Street, Suite 100
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