Property Preservation

The world's most precise visual snow removal and fine avoidance property preservation support system, using live severe weather alerts.


  • Prove the need to act to avoid fines with current & forecasted threats and access to our snow removal database
  • White label and use as a client relations tool
  • Customers can view assets mapped, alerts for upcoming and current weather & disaster events, and clearly see which assets are impacted
  • Deliver unparalleled service with the industry’s leading, innovative technology in property preservation support


  • Fully integrated data & alerts by asset for teams in the office and field
  • Search, sort and filterer by client to provide each customer and territory manager only relevant assets and alerts
  • Optimize as many as 300 stops per route and track inspectors in real time
  • Address verification to keep databases current and accurate

Property Restoration and Recovery

Use our property restoration and recovery tools to collaborate with clients, contractors and insurers, gaining business and creating operational efficiency.


A searchable, geospatial data management system for property restoration and recovery resource mobilization, loss control and business continuity:

  • Store, find and update information in one place
  • Attach documents, photos, live links and relevant data such as regulatory requirements or insurance information
  • Do it all in the office or from the field


A single, simple tool for fast and preventative action.  Zoom and click-select assets, areas or disasters for 24/7 monitoring. Features include:

  • Search, filter and sort by user, asset, area and alert type
  • Bulk upload assets, directly from your databases
  • Attach images & data in near real time for accurate reporting
  • See and engage assets by users’ territory
  • Toggling real-time views of flood risk and other weather & disaster activity
  • Point + clicking live map to find addresses, distances, & define areas of interest
  • Automatically linked local news stations for breaking coverage
  • Built-in route optimization to get where needed fast
  • Creating visual reports


Equip your team for daily property restoration and recovery duties and to mitigate and respond to disaster events. Share alerts and facilities response data in real-time with:

  • Clients
  • Inspectors
  • Contractors
  • Insurers


V-Alerts visual claims and underwriting tools reduce the risk of fraud and identify business growth opportunities with its visual validation system.


  • Visually confirm if repairs were completed on paid roof claims from house renewal inspections
  • Identify and see the agent for each risk
  • Identify regions with opportunities for new business
  • View new vs. renewal business at a glance
  • Correlate risks up for renewal with local weather events, flagging them for inspection
  • Flag risks which have had a property claim for possible inspection at renewal
  • See all insurable locations for an insured at a glance
  • Map all insured assets, color coded by type
  • Upload and link underwriting data to each asses, such as building sqft, roof type, building age, outer buildings, photos and videos
  • Capacity heat maps overlaid
  • Risk concentration maps to show the dispersion and type at a glance, including: Fire, flood, tornado, CAT, earthquakes, landslide/slope stability, environmental contamination and crime


  • Visually identify potential exposure from a weather event: see the path of the event, exposures in that path, and likely damage
  • Secure estimates for CATs with real-time data for potential exposures
  • Visually validate types of claims presented associated with a CAT via 360 panos, satellite, live feeds and streetviews
  • Pre-emptively prepare claims for anticipated exposure in the CAT path for “just in time training” if needed
  • Fraud prevention with all policy holder assets visible
  • Fraud prevention by reviewing submitted claims against path of the CAT to evaluate validity
  • Track CATs for purposes of reinsurance reporting
  • Use of global imagery to evaluate hail claims through real-time viewing of neighboring local
  • Proactively contact customers with advice in the event of disasters such as wide-spread wildfires
  • Improve and simplify collecting post CAT information for state data calls
  • Notice of potential CATs for advanced coordination with independent adjusters in affected areas


V-Alert's default property management tool provides banks with the ultimate default property data aggregation and response system.


  • Manage REO portfolio visually
  • Live alerting when any property needs attention
  • The industry’s most precise alerts via 80,000+ monitoring stations
  • Tag all types of data to any property including key data on mortgages
  • In the field or from the office: sort, search and filter by alert, property, value or type


  • 360 CITY snow removal regulatory database with alerts for each finable snowfall level
  • Local regulations and fine amounts featured with alerts
  • State, Local and HOA regulatory data available for compliance
  • Aggregate all contractor and insurance carrier contact information in one place
  • Inspector GPS tracking and Route Optimization tool to manage teams in field

Facilities Management

Integrate big data and corporate software through one visual portal, and aggregate multiple SAS licenses in one place for unparalleled facilities management.


  • Office buildings, hotels, restaurants, warehouses, retail chains
  • Manage vendor and contractor network
  • Territory management
  • Collaborate with responders
  • Be prepared, keep guests and customers safe


  • Upload cable networks to the map command center
  • Attach unlimited data to any point on the network
  • Make cable maintenance and recovery fast, precise and accurate: upload boxes, splice points, lease and ownership data, manufacturers specs and more
  • Integrate remote sensing data on tanks batteries and cables
  • Integrate regulatory data to avoid EPA fines


  • Integrate and pick up live remote sensing gauges to track well output
  • Map all points on pipelines for repairs & maintenance
  • Be equipped to avoid spills and respond quickly
  • Know instantly in the event of flood damage, if wells are underwater and more

Healthcare Facilities

V-Alert's healthcare business continuity - hospitals, retirement homes & healthcare facilitiescan't be down due to extreme weather.


  • Business continuity through fast, precise tasking of responders
  • See definitively what facilities are in the path of impending severe weather & disaster events
  • Be prepared with up to the minute alerts tracking storms and disaster events
  • Trigger integral prevention and mitigation processes including back up generators
  • Stay online 24/7 with around the clock feeds and visibility to critical threats


  • Upload and stay in compliance with HIPPA laws
  • Upload emergency response plans for staff and patients
  • Upload all relevant contact information for emergency regional and site managers
  • Attach any type of data and feeds to each desired facilit

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