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All your information
1-click away

One place to go for all info and status affecting your people, places and things -- at a sub-zipcode level.

See all your critical data on the map

Crucial hyper-local data and context enables making better decisions faster.

24/7 mobile alerts pushed to your team in real time

Live notifications pushed simultaneously to all authenticated users.

VAST Command Center

Visual Alerting System

Upload widely dispersed property networks and receive precise alerts about your properties only. Real-time business and risk management so you make the right decision every time, everywhere and from any device.

  • Upload your entire asset inventory to the satellite map command center.
  • Tag critical data to each property location.
  • Sign up to receive over 140 types of severe weather and disaster alerts married precisely to your property locations.
  • Authenticate users to receive alerts about only the properties and regions they need to know about.
  • Task inspectors, response teams, and recovery personnel to get on site fast with the right expertise and equipment to repair the damage quickly.

One solution, multiple applications

Our live-alert system and data visualization software combine all the data you need, in one place. World-wide information, at your fingertips.

Business Continuity

Asset & Portfolio Management

Emergency Response & Preparedness

Property Preservation

Risk Management

Field Operations Management

Empower your operations

Real-time critical information, all in one place.
Real-Time Situational Awareness
Continuous Regulatory Compliance Monitoring
Dynamic Risk Awareness
Live Sensor & Video Feeds
Supply Chain Disruption
Tag Any Data to Any Place or Thing
Personnel Safety
Visual Alert Boundaries
Route Optimizations

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Risk awareness, dynamic location intelligence, and critical event management solutions that enable companies to make operational decisions faster. Our mission: make your world safer and more predictable, so you can protect the people and things you care about—when it matters most.
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2560 55th Street, Suite 100
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