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Real-time business and risk management with your data and live alerts mapped
to each location for immediate action.


A route optimization tool designed to increase fuel efficiency, decrease
drive time and navigate up to 250 stops per route.


Real Time Business and Risk Management

Real Time Business and Risk Management Map and manage your data live with push alerts for anywhere you do business. With built in tools, visual overlays and push notifications, V-Alert unearths the location intelligence essential for immediate action.  

Live Severe Weather & Disaster Alerts

V-Alert pushes alerts for disaster and weather events threatening your locations using the most accurate and up-to-date data feeds. Get alerts on what you want, how you want:

  • Chose from over 130+ alert types
  • Push notifications by email or SMS
  • Receive reports every 6hrs, 12hrs or 24hrs for current and forecasted events
  • Alerts are matched to your assets at a sub zip code level
  • Regulatory and compliance (EPA, State, Local) data imbedded in alerts
  • Alerts sent to any and only desired recipients
  • Customize alerts by user, location type, and more

Geospatial Data Management

V-Alert aggregates, organizes and makes all desired data searchable: • Bulk data uploading, address verification and data tagging for millions of locations in one simple step:

  • Attach any desired data to any location including scanned documents, spreadsheets, charts and more
  • Overlay high resolution areal photographs and map archives including ESRI, floodplain, environmental contamination, and more
  • Easily customize access rights by user to adjust what each can see and do
  • API can centralize and integrate any and all desired data

Real-Time Visual Monitoring

Tasked teams quickly and efficiently with real-time visual validation:

  •  See all at risk assets inside alert boundaries on the map and select any to view its site-specific data
  • Overlay near real-time imagery to see current weather conditions and severity with assets in view
  • Link to street cams, video feeds and sensor networks to any uploaded location
  • Instantly upload videos, date-stamped images, 360 degree panos and more
  • Zoom in for visual verification and to view surrounding terrain with street view and satellite maps accessing drone imagery

Improve Operations

V-Alert makes property and facilities management fast and easy.

  • Easily forward lists of affected assets with location and information for response and repair
  • Mobilize resources quickly and efficiently
  • Task inspectors and contractors
  • Inform maintenance personnel and suppliers
  • Prepare site managers and clients
  • Collaborate and share data in real time with insurance claims, underwriting and financial institutions
  • Increase sales with your own branded command center

Truck navigation


The Ultimate Route Optimization App

  • Reduce routes by as much as 40%
  • Save 25% in fuel costs
  • 14 day free trial
  • Receive 2 months free on an annual subscription

Get 20% off the monthly for 1 year or 47% on the annual subscription if you book soon.

Route Optimization

  • Unlimited trips
  • Optimize over 250 stops per trip
  • Address verification
  • Turn by turn directions
  • Includes current road and traffic conditions
  • Easily add & paste in lists of addresses, upload Excel, CSV & text files
  • Print, email, exported to Garmin, or viewed directions on any device

GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Follow drivers in the field
  • Stops marked when completed
  • Driving distance & duration per stop
  • Gives per-stop arrival time
  • Can be integrated with V-Alert


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