Visualize risk in real time with instant alerts mapped directly to the assets you care about so you can take immediate, efficient, and cost-saving action.


A route optimization tool built to increase route and fuel efficiency, decrease drive time between stops, decrease traffic and navigation stress


Receive Alerts About Your Assets

Live Severe Weather Alerts

V-Alert sends alerts to you about any disaster or weather events threatening your assets, using the most accurate and up-to-date information. Get alerts on what you want, how you want:

  • Chose from over 130+ alert types on severe weather, disaster events & more
  • Receive live severe weather alerts sent to you on any device, in any format you choose
  • Alerts are matched to your assets at a sub zip code level
  • Regulatory and compliance data included in alerts
  • API pushing live data in real time
  • Customize V-Alert by user, type of threat and asset

Geospatial Data Management

V-Alert makes public and private data aggregated, organized and searchable:

  • Bulk uploading, address verification and data tagging in one simple step
  • Upload and geo-tag all records including scanned documents, spreadsheets, charts, graphs, maps and fusion tables
  • Using our API, easily aggregate data from many disparate data sources and integrate all information for each asset
  • Map archives (ESRI, heat, government, floodplain, environmental contamination)
  • Regulatory data integration (EPA, State, Local) to prevent fines
  • Create, remove and adjust V-Alert users as desired

Real-Time Visual Monitoring

V-Alert allows inspectors and contractors to be tasked quickly and efficiently with real-time visual validation:

  • See all assets inside and outside alert boundaries on the map
  • Choose desired icons to represent varied asset types on the map
  • Overlay near real-time imagery to see current conditions and damage with assets in view
  • Zoom in for close ups and surrounding area impact
  • Live links to street cams and sensor networks (soil, gauging stations)
  • 360° panoramic views to see inside structures
  • Satellite maps accessing drone imagery
  • Street views

Improve Operations

V-Alert makes property and facilities management fast and easy.

  • Easily forward lists of affected assets with location and information for response and repair
  • Mobilize resources quickly and efficiently
  • Task inspectors and contractors
  • Inform maintenance personel and suppliers
  • Prepare site managers and clients
  • Collaborate and share data in real time with insurance claims, underwriting and financial institutions
  • Increase sales with your own branded command center
  • Avoid expensive workstation V-Alert licenses

Industries We Serve

Property Preservation
Restoration & Recovery
Facilities Management

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Manage assets, not disasters.


The Ulitmate Route Optimization App

GPS Route Optimization

  • On average, faster and more accurate than Streets & Trips
  • Optimizes up to 300 stops per route
  • Address verification
  • Driving distance & duration per stop
  • Locates you on route
  • Gives per-stop arrival time
  • Shows current traffic and weather forecast along route, adjusting as needed

GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Follow drivers in the field with app
  • Increase route and fuel efficiency
  • Decrease drive time between stops
  • Easily add & paste in lists of addresses
  • DriveTracker handles Excel, CSV & text files out of the box
  • Directions can be printed, emailed, exported to Garmin, or viewed on any device

Real-Time Traffic and Weather Alerting

  • Real-time alerting on weather and traffic events
  • The most accurate and up-to-date information, be notified of both current and forecasted events
  • Receive alerts via SMS, email or in the command center
  • Chose from over 140+ alert types and weather events

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